JG Custom began in a driveway as a couple of kids with some power tools and a desire to explore material usage and limits in a contemporary furniture context. Officially, JG Custom Design LLC came into being in 2008 and has since been producing a line of high end modern furniture as well as working with clients on designing and constructing one-off pieces. All the while, we have worked on refining our designs through material use to make them simpler and greener.

We are extremely proud of our processes and many of our pieces are borne from the idea of overcoming what would otherwise be absolutely daunting constraints. We’re happy to talk about these, and never ashamed to learn about new materials, new processes, and new styles to further our clients or our own vision. We take great pride in our relationships within JG Custom and those that we have forged with other curious minded folks in the industry who have machine capabilities and expertise that we are working to learn.